• Mission :
    Warehouse full of solutions for business display and storage application About Bravo Industry :

    The establishment of Bravo Industry Co.,Ltd. Load by a Group of Professionals from multidisciplinaries of education and hand-on experience covering the whole spectrum of work functions to fulfill the needs to meet customer satisfactions both in the fields of business display as well as storage and warehouse logistic system.

  • Our Sales and Support Group comprises designers, engineers and support professions with over 15 years of hand-on experience in solving customer problem :Either in the design context for very large retailing stores with thousands of items to be displayed : Or in solving and enhancing the problem of warehouse logistics flow. Our Manufacturing And Service Group comprises professionals with over 20 years of hand-on experience in steel fabrication, metal surface finishing and site supervision and installation in both domestic and oversea projects.

  • Armed with modern manufacturing facilities and total individual professional experience of over 50 years in this industry ; Bravo Industry Co.,Ltd. are fully confident in our best position to be partner in our customers business success. Our mission : Warehouse Full Of Solution For Business Display And Storage Applications.

  • Manufacturing Facilities

    The factory occupies over 10,000 square meters of land area, of which 2 factories building covering 3,000 square meters of production shops office and finish product storage warehouse

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